Discord Channel?

Does anyone know of a Discord channel for people to practice speaking Japanese? I didn’t see a WaniKani Discord channel.

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There is no official Discord server for WaniKani, and if there was a good unofficial WaniKani Discord server, I probably would already be in it. I joined one with a guy developing a bot that seemed like it was going to be decent, but he seemed to have disappeared as I expected.
Now, if you mean speaking Japanese in general whether it be with or without WaniKani (but mostly without WaniKani probably), there are definitely good choices that you could find with a search.

You kind of tempt me to maybe try creating a (fanmade unofficial) WaniKani Discord server. (ノ´∀`*)
I’d love to play Shiritori with all of you with the Kotoba bot, do its quizzes (where first correct gets point), and perhaps be in like a VC. I think it’d be fun.


So I guess I’m looking for both. A WaniKani Discord channel to discuss WaniKani related items. Then other chat rooms to practice with Japanese grammar or do voice chat to practice speaking it.

If you create one, definitely let me know! I’ll try looking around for other Discord channels in the meantime.



I don’t know about a WaniKani specific server, but I’m in this one which has a lot of active people.

I don’t actually use it all that much yet as I’m focusing on reading right now but it seems good.


Oh thanks for that recommendation. I should try it !

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ありがとう! I just joined this one as well, Japanese Language Study Space | 日本語の勉強スペース

Hopefully between the two, I can find people to practice with!

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I think that is a wonderful Idea! I’m sure other people would find it fun as well.

@Kuzon try Refold on Discord.

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