Discord group for non-manga/anime fans that still love to learn Japanese

Hello everyone!

Join: https://discord.gg/FEgJmd76N6

I was wondering whether anyone would like to join a Discord, iMessage or WhatsApp (or even Line) group to exchange daily Japanese phrases, topics and intrests surrounding Japan. I feel like this would be a nice personal way to study together casually. In the mean time I made a Discord with link :point_up_2:

I’ve been studying Japanese for 1,5 years now (almost at WaniKani level 5, at Genki 2 lesson 19 now) I’d love to find fellow learners with similar intrests because I think that would make it more fun (warning: I know next to nothing about anime, manga or video games). Is there anyone like me who is interested in Japanese (fashion) magazines (like Popeye and Brutus) and fashion brands, specialty coffee culture, Muji (無印良品), interior design,
architecture and contemporary art, street photography, ceramics, film photography, AND learning Japanese?

Greetings from Amsterdam!


This is actually a really great idea. Sadly, I know next to nothing about those topics, and am mostly steeped in anime and manga, the exact opposite of you. I hope you find people though! :slight_smile:

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I think a Discord or something similar might be better. For the services above, you would be able to find out other people’s personal information, like phone numbers. There are some unofficial Discords around, but I don’t really have any links to them. Searching the forum might help there.

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Not necessarily. A lot of people use their apple ID’s for imessage, and can receive messages that way. Obviously, it would be up to whoever is comfortable to join.

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Exactly. I’d be fine sharing my e-mail or phone number but I’m open for Discord as well (never used it though). Depends on the people (if any actually want to do this in the first place, haha).

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Hi aridan, nice to meet you.
Sadly I dont know any Japanese grammar ._. , but your Japanese culture interests sounds great now that I need to expand my cultural knowledge other than video games :stuck_out_tongue:
So could you tell me where do you find all your magazines, interior design, ceramics, street photography and, if you ever came across with, ikebana information?

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Hi! No worries. Feel free to join whe this happens to pick up some grammar as well if you like. I tend to order Popeye and Brutus (and &Premium) from Amazon.co.jp. They recently started shipping to Europe. I recommend Modern Ikebana A New Wave in Floral Design, a book by Tom Loxley. I watch Tommy and Okudaira Base on YouTube for inspiration too.

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Not a lot in common, but I do live in Amsterdam! There is a Discord group, you can chat in Japanese or whatever language you want:

Speaking practice via Discord

Though I do like to shop at Uniqlo, as far as Japanese fashion goes. Also, I want a yukata.

I might join a Discord (because I can just have it open on laptop if I wanna pop in) but probably wouldn’t jump into something w/ a messenger system that’s only on my phone and get a ton of notifications.

My interests in Japan are also entirely non-anime/manga, so I would find the stuff you discuss interesting for sure. I’m not opposed to anime/manga and know that a huge number of people get into Japanese through that, but I have zero experience with it. Coffee, architecture, fashion, all things MUJI, cities, trains, culture, food, government, etc., are all things I’d read about or discuss for sure.

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Hi! Thanks for sharing. I like Uniqlo as well. I might join that Discord as well!

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Hi there! Nice to hear. I’m not opposed to anime or manga at all. I watched a few Ghibli movies but I feel like I just don’t get drawn to the themes they mostly cover. Anyways, I made a discord as most people seem to like that idea. I’m very new to it so please join and tell me if anything needs changing. I hope we can grow our own like minded club! Here is the link: https://discord.gg/FEgJmd76N6

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