Disappearing keyboard on iPhone XR

Hi. Often but not always when I’m doing review, I’ll have to pause (dog, cat, child), and when I return, the entry keyboard will have disappeared, while the rest of the screen looks normal. Closing and reopening the app doesn’t help — I’ll have to restart the phone (which always works) or navigate away from the site for a while.

Is this a known issue with iOS? It’s not a huge deal — just annoying. Thanks.

Do you mean you’re using an app version? WK doesn’t have any officially supported apps.

One of the third party iOS apps uses API1, which is on its way out. So unless the creator comes back and updates the app, it’ll be non-functional in a while. Numerous people have come on recently because of errors cropping up now that WK is making back-end changes.

An app for iOS that uses the new API tokens is tsurukame. ^^

Sorry, it isn’t an app, it’s a browser page. Safari, and I’m running the latest version of both OS and browser.

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Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. I’m afraid I don’t use iOS, so I can’t help check.

You can wait for other iphone users to chime in on their experience, but if you want contact with the WK team about it, it’s best to email hello@wanikani.com.

I’m not sure if it’s permament yet, but there is also a chat widget on the dashboard at certain hours. Both those communication methods have good response times on weekdays. ^^

Hope it’ll get sorted out for you!

I very rarely use Safari since Tsurukame exists, but when I do, you can usually get the keyboard back by tapping in the input field again.

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