Typing Glitch

I want to improve, and move on, but the system is so sensitive to when “enter” is pressed. I can’t make progress, because i type the word, but every few times it doesn’t catch my last letter, and i end up being “wrong.” This is something to turn users away. I’m extremely frustrated, and now i can’t now on for another day. So much for the two-day radical lesson. I’ll maybe just go back to GENKI and not waste money.

I’ve never heard of this bug, so I don’t think it’s widespread, but if you give the details of your setup, the technical folks can try to figure it out.

Can you share screenshots?
is it happening in meaning or reading?

The same thing happens to me sometimes but that’s mostly because I’m trigger happy or I slip. There is an override userscript that lets you ignore wrong answers that I started to use yesterday because I finally had enough of my jittery fingers. But you have to be careful using it so that you don’t ignore your actual mistakes and end up learning nothing.
Maybe this can help until your problem is solved.

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What is happening exactly? Do you type so fast? You can wait for the letter to appear before pressing enter.

Additionally, the English input accepts fuzzy input, so if you type the rest correctly this should not be a problem for words with more than 3 letters. Or are you talking about Japanese input?

I’ll do that next time. I think meaning; I can’t seem to “pass” the first of radicals.

I am a somewhat fast Tyler, but it could also be because I am useing an iPad with a Bluetooth case/ keyboard, so it may just be a delay in response time. Still annoying. I don’t own a desktop, or laptop.

On iOS you can try the AlliCrab app, it adds some comfort functions like WK override so that you can ignore wrong answers and try again (but it’s basically just a wrapper around the WK website).

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Can you give some examples of what’s in the input box after one of these failures? For example, you typed “stick” and the input ended up capturing “stic”.

That might help the Wanikani staff determine what’s going on, and maybe come up with a solution.

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