Please give us a way to push the input and "accept" button down in mobile


can we please have an option to push the input and the “accept answer” button down the screen on mobile?

Right now after inputting the answer, I press “return” and the answer is marked green and the keyboard disappears. What I now need to do is move my finger aaaall the way up the screen to press the “>” button. Once I press that, there’s no autofocus so again I have to reach and press the input line to bring up the keyboard.

It would be an absolutely massive quality of life improvement if that input could just be at the bottom of the screen (or closer to the bottom) so once I press enter, I wouldn’t have to actually move my hand to a completely different part of the screen to reach the “>” button and then subsequently bring up the k
eyboard again.


If you want to do WK on mobile (Iphone it looks like), might I suggest using Tsurukame? It’s the best unofficial WK IOS app I know of

edit : I don’t use it as much anymore because I used to use it on public transport, on the go and whatnot, but COVID happened, but it’s really great


Is there something like this for Android version? I am also annoyed by the current version of wanikani input for mobile phones. I wish they could just enlarge all those banners, height wise, so we wont have to leap towards the “>”.

IIRC, flaming durtles will input/advance with the enter/return key and has an extra next button on some pages if you close out the keyboard. It also has a lot of the functionality in popular scripts built in.

I think this is another popular one, but I’ve never tried it.


Cool, this is what I was looking for. Thank you very much! :+1: