Update? The keyboard is disappearing again

Hello, was there recently again an update?

On my mobile device the keyboard is sometimes closed ( and stays closed ) and I actively have to click in the answer box again to open it.

I did not have this issue for a long time. I think it had been fixed with the mobile ui overhaul.

Furthermore these really annoying icons on top right of the keyboard returned and they start to shake every time a new answer is requested. Because on each input the keyboard is closing and appearing. This behaviour was not like that some days ago.

Did I miss some update again? What happened? Its really distracting during reviews on my mobile device.
The opening and closing is somehow fine but the three shaking icons you can see in my screenshot are driving me nuts. Recently they were not visible at all.

Does anybody else have this issue recently or this a problem on my side?

Appreciate some tricks and suggestions to fix this mess. It was working fine before…

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Is that how the QWERTZ keyboard looks on iOS? Without the umlauts? Who designed that?

It’s on Android :slight_smile: No idea. Its from Kiwi Browser.

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That looks the the new chrome password manager bar. You can turn it off in the chrome settings.

Thank you, I will check for the settings in chrome. :slight_smile:

You can long press the key for the accents, and in general I just “swipe” the words to write faster, in which case you ignore the marks and let the software figure out what you’re writing.

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why dont you use smouldering durtles?

Using third party stuff is no solution for me. Why should I change plattforms instead of improving the original?

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