Disable Special Character for Kana Input

Please, disable special character for kana input. I just pressed " ] " character while pressing Enter… :man_facepalming:t2::sob:



I’m the meantime, you can use Double Check to override typos.


Thank you! It will be really useful!

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I agree, I’ve gotten items marked wrong because I put a space somewhere on accident :joy:

I had to start using double check because of this

either ] or ´, then I can retype only in those cases.

It’s things like this scripts are for for sure! This is why I don’t function without scripts! :rofl:

Spaces should automatically be stripped from the front and back of answers already, but putting them in the middle can mess things up. It’s frustrating when it happens. It could be possible to strip special characters as well, but they would need to be enumerated, and might not catch every character. In the meantime I have a script to override errors so I can fix typos, and I have to be diligent to only use it for actual typos and not mistakes. (no, the long vowel sound was not a typo, it was my mistake)

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