2 little nitpick quality of life changes

Two little just nitpicks I have while using the website, which to clarify are not glaring or important issues just quality of life changes I’d like personally. If I can change these in the settings and I just missed it, please let me know but I don’t think I saw it when I checked.

I don’t like how holding down enter constantly tries to accept your answer. I have some mild twitching due to some external issues and if I get something wrong sometimes I will twitch back onto the button or hold it down for a bit too long and I won’t be able to see what the correct answer was and I will get it wrong again which is a bit of a pet peeve.

Other one is that I don’t like how I have to use specifically lowercase “f” to open up the meaning of something instead of being able to use capital “F” as I just don’t really pay attention to when I have capitals open or not. That’s not really as annoying at all, just feel like I may as well mention it.

Other than that, loving the site so far it’s awesome. Thanks.


The Double Check script has a mistake delay feature that forces Wanikani to ignore repeat keypresses within 1 or 2 seconds, the delay is configurable. You may want to try it out.


Considering typing in caps while using an IME produces katakana rather than hiragana, you’re gonna get marked wrong if you don’t pay attention.


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