Different readings for to go


I was listening to a song this morning ピイス by EMPiRE (current ending for Fairy Tale) on youtube. I could hear them singing ゆけ but the lyrics on screen showed 行け which confused me. Checking my dictionary it seems that ゆく is an alternative reading for 行く - what is the difference and when is the former used?


From what I know, mostly an alternate spelling used in songs and stuff like that.


Yes it is mostly poetic, but you’ll hear it in 行き which you learned on here as train destination


Aye, this. Actually, I’d say you’ll encounter this more than song lyrics.

For example 東京行き = とうきょうゆき = Tokyo-bound (train)


This is also a very common reading for other words that contain 行, like 成り行き (なりゆき), 行方不明 (ゆくえふめい) and so on.


Unless you’re not in Japan, but do listen to J-Music


It’s an older reading, but the meaning is the same. It’s like 言う, where many speakers use ゆう, even in conjugations, like ゆえる, ゆいます, ゆった etc.