Difference between 行き【いき】and 行き【ゆき】?

What’s up with the pronunciation of 行き? When would I pronounce it as ゆき over いき?

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The primary pronunciation is いき, especially in spoken language

ゆき is more literary (i.e. things like poetry and literature)

Edit to add: as far as where you may see the primary reading being ゆき in daily use, places of transportation would be examples, such as train stations, airports, bus stops, etc – 行き attached to a location would indicate where the train/plane/bus/etc is headed for (ex: 東京行き [とうきょうゆき] --> “tokyo-bound”)


I’ve researched it a bit and it seems like ゆき is used when talking about trains (Such as “Bound for~”) and いき is used more to mean “Going” :slight_smile:
I’m not exactly sure though. That’s just what I’ve found online:
I’m pretty sure ゆき can also be a informal version of saying いき since it’s easier to say

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This is great, I had someone ask me in a really thick Japanese accent if a train was heading to Brooklyn or not and this would have been really helpful!


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