Did I miss the 50% sale promo?

I just reached level 3 and realised that’s the cut off point for free users. I searched online if there were any promo codes and saw about the 50% off but I’m not sure if it’s still active. I’d really like to continue but the full price is a bit out of my budget


Yep, you’re about a month late. The 50% off coupon for the monthly and yearly sub expired on Feb 28th.


Yeah I believe there’s a winter sale each year that ended, like the above says.

From what I understand, you could get a yearly subscription and then when the yearly winter sale rolls around, get a lifetime subscription on sale. It will prorate your remaining months as a refund. I plan on doing this myself.


This 100%. It’s what I did, and honestly, it’s the best (and cheapest) option other than waiting a year for the winter sale lol. And yes, they apply the months remaining as a discount to lifetime.


Yup same here. Got the Yearly sub last September and then grabbed Lifetime this past December.

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There is usually a sale in December, but if you listen to Tofugu’s most recent podcasts, you may find some discount codes in there :wink:


I now have monthly subscription, because by December, that would have been less than the yearly one.
I hope I can save up enough money by then.

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Important to note that in December, your remaining year/month period will be returned to you in the form of an equivalent discount on lifetime.
So get that year anyway if you have the money, as you’ll just be paying less per month until lifetime is discounted.


ah, nice, no I don’t have the money right now anyway, so moot point for now :frowning:

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dang, I joined early feb but finished Level 3 by early March… I got the yearly =(

Oh really there was one for 50% off? Damn. Was it announced somewhere? What whas it at least?

There were threads in the forum about the sales (also for the stickers etc) and emails sent out to you (if you allow WK to sent you emails).

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I received the email back in January, back when I was unsubscribed at level 36. I now wonder if that coupon was something aimed at people who stopped wanikani midway image because in the email I received they mentioned “you’re just coming back from a hiatus…”

happened to be listening earlier today and decided to switch to paid plan early because of it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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