Monthly Subscription Coupon

Hello everyone! During this once-per-year-sale time, I usually get an email with a discount code for 50% off the monthly subscription. I didnt seem to get such an email this year. I know the discount on the lifetime is the best deal, but unfortunately, all I can afford is $5/month. Does anyone know if WK is simply no longer doing this deal?


If you check out this thread and talk to the staff, maybe there is something they can do for you:

Good luck!


Like said above, maybe you can email Koichi and get some coupon sorted out

I think I read Jenny say before that it’s usually for new members and unrelated to the once-per-year sale, it just happened to be there at the same time. Let me see if I can find her comment on it.

(The question she’s answering)

Edit: I realise she’s talking about the yearly sub here! so maybe you’ll have some luck asking about the monthly one.

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I used a 25% promo code to renew my yearly subscription. It can be used to get discount on monthly plan. Just listen to the last minute of their podcast :grimacing:

You can send WK an e-mail, but they offer a 20% discount.

This would be perfect! I wasn’t aware they had a podcast though. Is it Tofugu?

Yes! The Tofugu Podcast! I got the code they gave in the November episode.