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There have been other threads about this, but most of them have been ignored so far. So here’s another suggestion:

When I’m doing lesson quiz or review, often the meaning and reading of the same item will appear back-to-back. WK’s own philosophy is that it is better to do randomised review to reinforce the memorisation process.

One possibility to do this is for the “random” algorithm to be tweaked so it’s not 100% random but rather taking into account the above scenario, and to prevent back-to-back meaning and reading item reviews.

The other possibility is to build a “delay” button (also named “hold” button in another thread) so we can do this ourselves. This can also be used if we are not sure about the answer yet but don’t want to be stuck on one item. The delay button does not change the correct percentage of the review session. If you delay the item to the very end and still don’t answer, at some point the session ends and the item goes back into review queue (same thing that happens now).


A delay button would be a real time saver.
If I could leave the ones I’m not sure about to the end of the review session then I would be able to do other reviews while I’m thinking about the answer.


The delay button is not ok for wanikani’s “we can NOT let the user cheat” mentality. People could keep on delaying vocab and never learn it while advancing the levels - obviously nobody is gonna do this unless they want to cheat themselves but it’s the same mentality that will never let us have a typo button natively.

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I don’t personally think it matters if the meaning and reading show up back to back.

That said, I don’t really see the point of the “don’t let users cheat” mentality. I mean, people do it with scripts anyway. People even look up meanings in another tab while they do WK. That may seem stupid but at the end of the day it’s a learning software, not your taxes. If users sabotage their own learning that is only their own problem.

I would prefer they just treated us like adults.

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Refreshing the page essentially does this. All current progress on the review session is maintained but the remaining items, including the one you’re currently on, are shuffled. A delay button would be a nice QoL improvement but there is that current workaround.



There is such a script: WaniKani Later Crabigator

As for avoiding back-to-back reviews I think that’s a different beast. But, for items you don’t want to waste time on, the above script does the job! :+1: ^^


Back to the initial request then, I drew the conclusion that the only times really when items appeared back-to-back, was when I had made a mistake on either meaning/reading and/or checked the correct answer.

That would que getting a review of the other side of the coin next.

Which makes sense, since that would help me repeat the correct answer - and I’ll still have the item knocked down SRS-stages to test the full answer again - but at a later time.

I don’t think back-to-back review are common outside of those instances, but I could be wrong.

Just my two cents.

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ay tag the mods not me am I right lads :rofl:


Okay then let’s tag’em @viet @mods

Is this something we can expect to happen?

10 usd on “no”

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If you don’t know it by now you will never know it. That’s the beauty of this game it makes you want to kill yourself :slight_smile:

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If so, there’s a gaping hole in it. I can make every item have the synonym “ha ha suck it koichi” and get to level 60 without getting a single right answer.

I think it’s more likely they think this is a pretty low-consequence “flaw” for the effort required to eliminate it.


You would still need to do reading right :wink:
But since they allow scripts, well, there is a “never wrong” script :crazy_face:


No, because

There are not gaping holes in it. You need scripts to cheat

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I don’t think you’re going to get a “no”. They’re just going to ignore.

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I don’t blame them. It was pretty clear such a thing was not gonna happen.
But honestly, I like it this way. Needing scripts to possibly cheat yourself.
THEREFORE: WaniKani Later Crabigator we can just use this : D

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Why is it cheating to avoid seeing reading and meaning back-to-back?

It’s a quote from the TV show Friends Lol

That isn’t, just the means you proposed with the delay button
(again, it’s flawed logic, so don’t expect much)

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