December discount this year?

Yeah somebody got a discounted lifetime membership. But I have no guarantee that they will offer me a discounted one, so I will probably get it in two weeks.

Got the email some minutes ago it seems they didn’t sent all emails at the same time but rather in batches.

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Very odd indeed. I got an email about an hour ago that just spoke about how much WaniKani you can get done in 6 months, but NOTHING about the sale. But if you go to the WaniKani Wednesday: Win WaniKani Lifetime post in Campfire, the OP explicitly says there will be a sale starting the 16th, so we’re good regardless, woo! All hail the Crabigator!!!

If I’m not mistaken any active subscription gets discounted pro rata - so if you get a monthly on Dec 8, use up 8 days and then get lifetime, ~73% of the monthly cost will be reimbursed via a further reduction on the lifetime subscription. In the end that one week will cost you about $2.40.
Or you activate vacation mode of course.

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I haven’t gotten any email either… :sweat_smile:

I got an email with the same graphic but different text that doesn’t mention the sale at all–just talks about how much we can learn in a short period of time etc. Very strange. I am a free user who has completed level 3. I’ve been waiting for this sale though!

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I got the email about an hour and a half ago so it does look like it goes out in batches.

Thanks for the information. $2.40 isn’t that much honestly. I’ll think about it!

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