Help! repeating questions?

Heya! so recently I have been noticing that when I answer a review, right or wrong, I almost always will be asked for both the reading and the meaning at least once more in the review. sometimes this can lead to me putting in the correct answer to the same review 3 or 4 times in a review session, sometimes one after another!!

is this normal? I am unsure as I have only started noticing it this level

any help is appreciated friends!

have a great one!


I’ve seen a lot of users having this trouble lately. I wonder what cause it. I’m using Wanikani for almost a year and never have this issue. I’m on Chrome with some scripts by the way.


hmm, I am on chrome with some scripts too… I am not sure!

Which scripts are you using? The usual advice applies: Turn your scripts off and make sure the problem goes away. Then turn them back on one at a time until it starts malfunctioning again.

I had a similar problem recently as well. It only occurred if I used the override script and I would have to re-enter the reading/meaning, whichever I’d overridden, at least twice. I decided to delete that script and installed the double check script instead and have had no problems since.

I’m using scripts that not interfere with quizes or lesson in any form, just for decorative purposes. May be that’s the reason, I guess.

This just started happening to me two days ago on two devices. It happens on my MacPro running Safari 14.1.2 with the tapermonkey extension. However, I only have one script installed (wanikani override 1.1.3) on the MacPro.

This also started happening on an ancient iPad Mini (gen 1) that can still run AlliCrab. I wonder if they both use the same override script?

You should do this while you are on a review page, because the scripts are page specific. There are other active scripts on the dashboard, review start page and actual review pages.

Yeah, I just tried this with no luck (uninstalled the script, uninstalled taper money, restarted safari, cleared caches, etc).

It still repeated the same word three times in a row before it registered it correct with no browser extension installed. The fact that it just started doing this on two different devices two days ago makes me think something else is going on.

Mine is also doing this - it started happening a few days ago. I’m not sure why but it’s quite frustrating.

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Yeah, I’m now using a browser with no scripts or extensions installed and it’s still doing it. I feel like I have wasted an hour doing the same 15 reviews. :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

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What OS and browser are you using? I can’t seem to replicate it on my Chrome but I also have a really big review pile.

It’s happening with Safari on Big Sur 11.6. It’s also happening with a really old iPad mini running some ancient version of iOS and the AlliCrab app. Others are reporting it with Chrome.

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I’ve had it for 6 months and this only happened to me once. I was doing my reviews and started to noticed that I was caught in an endless loop. It did not matter how many times I got things right they would keep popping up on the same review. Sure enough, when I exited, I noticed that none of the reviews had counted.

I logged out, logged back in and started it again without issues. It never happened again!

We’re working on this right now and we’ll update here once it’s fixed.


This should be fixed for now…can someone test it?

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That seems to have fixed it! No more repeats!

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Great to hear!


Yeah, in my book, the problem is solved aswell. thx