Cure Dolly - Unlocking Japanese: Making Japanese as simple as it really is

I know many folks here are familiar with Cure Dolly already, but I wanted to share my recommendation for this book:

It is pretty short, but has a decent amount of depth - the premise is basically that textbooks try to teach Japanese grammar with a Westernised approach, and that if you view things slightly differently then sentence structure can make much more sense much faster. It’s almost philosophical.

I am still a rank beginner when it comes to grammar, but it helped make some things make much more sense to me, so I’d say it’s worth a look.

It’s available as part of Amazon Kindle Unlimited if you have that.


I really enjoy Cure Dolly’s videos, although I am only on video 20 of her main series. I don’t have Kindle Unlimited so I might buy a physical copy–I have wanted to help support Cure Dolly for a while but I don’t want to sign up for Patreon. How does the book compare to the videos?


I just discovered Cure Dolly around a week ago and it’s been a really good review on various grammar aspects that I already knew or things I didn’t, but with a more “organic” approach and Japanese perspective which I really enjoy. I feel like it really helps to solidify Japanese as an unique language rather than a language to be translated to any Roman/Germanic languages (especially English) and to dismiss some confusion that is made with traditional textbooks or learning methods. Unfortunately, I find the synthetic voice tone sometimes hard to get used to, but the content is worth it. I may be buying this book too as a form of support and organizing my studies!


The book is older than her youtube course, which goes more in-depth and cover a lot more. So I don’t really understand why people recommend the book instead. The only reason I can think of is if you are a fan, and want to support her, even by buying her older, outdated material.


I have the book and I’d say don’t bother with it. It often feels like it’s just the a transcription of the early videos. Just watch the videos.

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The book is a good starting point before you watch the videos, but as others have mentioned, the video series is better in that CD has refined the concepts over the years and the quality* of the presentation in the videos is noticeably better.

*Quality of presentation in regards to concepts. The android shtick is still pretty polarizing.

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I like Cure Dolly. I don’t have an issue with the voice thing either. The only thing that bothers me is her clickbaity titles and the time she’ll spend going on about “Textbooks are bad. Here are the secrets they don’t tell!” like I’m being sold some “herbal remedy” BS or other scams they sell on infomercials. Just give the info, thanks.

And yeah, the textbook is basically just her early videos, which is fine, but I doubt you’ll get much out of it if you’ve already watched them. I guess if you are one of the people that really can’t stand the voice or whatever its probably a good option.


Yeah I think the worst offender was the one on the JLPT. He/she/it had some good points but the title was all clickbait.

She uses female pronouns. Use them.


Does she? I hadn’t noticed either way. My bad. She’s not real consistent in how far she takes the android thing.

I didn’t know the videos existed - I came across the book first via Amazon and then Googled the name afterwards.

I read a lot more than I watch YouTube videos as I get bored with the latter, so the book is a good place for me!

Yeah… I am not a big fan of that. I will give the videos a go though!

I, for the most part follow MIA but still like CureDolly’s videos. I split my patreon among those two.

And one thing I’ve noticed about CureDolly is she takes the time to answer pretty much all legit questions on her videos and patreon… Even if they aren’t even questions. Like once months ago I just mentioned the に particle causes me the most trouble and she offered further explanation and some links.

So far she’s one of the only youtubers I’ve seen who actually responds.

Just reading through her comments section I’ve seen some quite interesting discussions/explanations.


Cure Dolly is the way to go for me. I had trouble for years. I have ADHD and preparing my Anki Decks and keeping track of it was always really difficult for me. I am now on Day 10 here and really enjoying it. But the thing is, I am not capable of keeping up an actual study routine, however I read Light Novels, read manga and watch Anime always, all the time anyway. I have made the choice to not get any sort of translation anymore, if I do not understand something I seek out her structure course and worst case I skip further. WaniKani works really well because it just feeds me the organization of learning. I love it. I hope I can stick with it. it would be phenomenal, I have consumed Japanese media for 15 years now so I do not think I will get bored of it. :slight_smile:

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