Hello, I need some help if you don't mind 😇

First, I am not sure whether this topic was created before or not. However, I truly searched for some similar topics, but it was too hard to check every last topic on this community.

It has been quit long time for me since I started learning Vocabularies, so I wanna move to grammer. I went to online sources, but TBH, I prefer printed books. Therefore, I searched for good grammer books, and I heard about Genki I and Genki II. So, do you really think that buying these books will come in handy? If not, what other books do you recommend?
I almost forgot this one last question. Are these (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M3STG9N/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=APGXEAF4IR5GT&psc=1) the Genki books that I heard about? If not, please tell me which one.

And yes if you have any other advice, please don’t hold it back :grin:

Thank you!


Yes, those are the Genki books.

I’d heartily recommend the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar:

P.S. Grammar. Grammer is an actor. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, the link is correct.

The most recommended textbooks are always Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide (online and 100% free - you can even print it as it has no copyright problems) and Genki.

Personally, Tae Kim’s main problem is that it lacks exercises and Genki felt a little boring to me. However, most people seem to enjoy both! So, I would advise you to give Tae Kim’s grammar Guide a try (because it’s free) and buy the Genki one if you can afford it. I honestly believe that learning in two different perspectives is helpful, since no textbook is perfect for everyone. Make sure to buy the Genki workbooks too (just like in your link).

For more resources, check this link:


For me, personally, Genki was too boring to start with. I tried Japanese the Manga Way and liked it better. After gaining some basic understanding, I was able to go back to Genki and enjoy it more.


Genki’s problem (for me) wasn’t so much that it’s boring, but rather it starts grammar by throwing a bunch of seemingly unconnected points at the reader. Japanese the Manga Way starts by examining the structure of a japanese sentence and builds up from there in a logical manner. Until I read the first half of Japanese the Manga Way I didn’t understand japanese grammar’s logic, and genki didn’t help much with that.

After that basic hurdle, Genki is fine for learning the nitty gritty and getting reinforcement through exercises. The workbooks in particular are invaluable.


Yeah, I guess that’s why I found it boring, because I felt like I wasn’t really learning. I felt like I read the page over and over and still didn’t understand.

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I can definitely see Genki feeling a little dry, but it’s still my #1 recommended resource.

That said, absolutely take a pencil and do all of the workbook exercises.and make sure you have the answer book to check your answers against. The actual interaction helps to keep me engaged, at least.


Thanks a lot. I shall check that link soon

And thank you again because it is the first time for me to know about that grammer guy lol :joy::joy:

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Thanks alot. I will search for tae kim book as well

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I’m a big Genki fan and always recommend it as the best main source one can use to start learning the language. It’s a bit dry, I agree, mainly because it’s targeted to use in class, but I think it’s not boring at all and it has a clear chapter structure and good dynamic between learning and reviewing stuff! It’s a well rounded resource with grammar and listening and reading comprehension.

Tae Kim and Minna no Nihongo are great beginner resources as well.

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@Ryouki @Pkdragon. Thank you very much for your time. I will check manga way as soon as possible, and if possible, can you please put a link to buy it or so. It will much more easier for me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Yea. No matter what I am studying, I still have faith that using papers and pen is the most useful method :smile:

Thank you for your answer

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Thank you. I think I will buy genki after all. Wish me luck :innocent:

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Do you mean this one


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That’s the one. Make sure your genki books are the same edition. That covers the answers for Genki I & II, 2nd edition. Both the textbooks, and the workbooks!

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I see, thank you very much for your great help :grin::grin::grin:

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Is that the book you were talking about?

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Genki is fine after you get a few important concepts down. Basically, Genki does a terrible job at explaining the logic of Japanese sentences, and while that’s no easy feat, it makes a huge difference when you have some context for your grammar lessons

After spending quite awhile struggling to explain (hey, I’m only as human as Genki!), I decided just to link a couple of articles that gave me a lightbulb moment:

Japanese Sentence Structure: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide - 80/20 Japanese - This covers how japanese sentences actually function. Once you understand this, I feel like Genki’s early chapters should make more sense. It should give you the context that Genki’s early chapters lack.
The Difference Between the Particles "wa" and "ga" - 80/20 Japanese - one of the most confusing yet essential ideas in Japanese grammar.

That site pushes it’s book more than I like, but those articles were very helpful for me.

Learn Japanese the Manga way covers those same things and more, but it has a price tag attached to it. Still, I do recommend it. Your mileage may vary, everyone learns differently, but this is how I started making real progress understanding japanese.

… Hahaha serves me right for taking such a long time to post. Yes, that is in fact the book I recommended, lol. I actually had that link ready, but you beat me to it.


Thank you I will make sure to read, understand, and memories everything in these articles :joy:

I will follow your advice and get that book as well, and I shall start with it before genki.

Hahahah. It is fine. Let’s consider that it was you who posted the link :joy: :yum:

I truly appreciate your help :smile:

I think this article will become a great resource for answering your concerns:

Personally I went through Genki I. And was a good resource to explain the basics, but I couldn’t continue with the whole routine of textbook / workbook drills that Genki aims.
I’ve started with Japanese the Manga Way now, and it’s a great resource!! Specially for giving some perspective on the actual use of the grammar when put to use (in mangas as the title suggest).
Not sure if the best first read I would recommend, as I feel the most benefit comes after having seen the grammar points already been use in actual content and then getting all the nuance explanations from the book.

That and the DOJG series already mentioned are my main tools for grammar nowdays.

A really nice surprise as well has been this little gem:

Unlocking Japanese: Making Japanese as simple as it really is

I can’t recommend this book enough for getting how japanese grammar should be assimilated (and be prepared to take grammar explanations comming from textbooks with a grain of salt), avoiding the analogy to western grammar concepts when they only cause additional confusion.