Did anyone ever take notes of curedolly's japanese lessons?

I’ve been working on watching curedolly’s video but it gets repetitive and varied so it doesn’t really help me. I tried writing notes of my own, and after several failed attempts I’m gonna if anyone took good notes

can you share it with me?

If im not mistaken all her videos are also in a book he/she/it wrote. It may help you to have that to flip through and read when you need to. Cant remember the book name though :confused:

In general note taking doesnt help me much and i have seen a few videos from Japanese Ammo more than once. I try to use them to steer me in the right direction then hope for grammar practice to get me the rest of the way

The book is called “Unlocking Japanese” by Cure Dolly.

It’s mostly about subject/topic and is sort of an extended riff on elements from Jay Rubin’s “Making sense of Japanese” but it is still well worth reading.


No, her book was written before she started her youtube channel and cover just a fraction of what is available now on youtube.

But yes, I agree, I’m not sure if note taking really help that much, I think it’s just normal for grammar to get a very long time to really sink in, and it’s expected to rewatch the same video or reread explanation many time over a long period, as well as consume a large amount of content, before we can truly get it.


it’s just that her videos are building off of each other and getting more complicated and you learn a lot more things and rules and then i watch the lesson but realize that I forgotten the rules of this or the nuance of that and I don’t want to rewatch the videos everytime.

I prefer to have a well made model or chart so I can easily reference back to what I’ve forgotten but I was never good at making reference sheets at all especially having it well made and not look like chicken scratch that it fits all together

What I do is download the subtitles, and that way I can do a file search of the subtitle files if I need to refresh on something. It doesn’t give me the graphical component (I can watch the video for that), but often times reading through some of the dialogue helps.

I have a zip file with subtitles from her first 154 videos.

She does have web pages that cover some of her material, but nothing in a sequential Cliff’s notes summary fashion:


thank you, I did consider that. the only thing I dislike is that she doesnt have a master model that could be quickly referenced.

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