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I’m working on one of the MaruMori crossword puzzles and the clue is a 5-character word for “splendid, nice, wonderful, delicious, sweet.” Third kana is こ and last kana is ぶ. I can’t think of anything and none of my searches have been fruitful. Does anyone have any ideas?


5 hiragana characters with こ in the middle and ends with ぶ that means splendid? As in 〇〇こ〇ぶ?

Is there possibility that’s wrong, because I certainly can’t think of anything

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likewise, a search on jisho for *こ*ぶ doesn’t turn up anything relevant

ぶ especially seems like a verb ending rather than an adjective ending

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Aye, I’m coming up fairly blank too. かっこいい?

What’s the clue in the original Klingon Japanese? What are the cross words, exactly?

Been working on a book of crosswords myself, actually, though I’ve gotten a bit stalled.

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Hey! Clicked on this thread out of curiosity, but awesome to see it’s about MM’s crossword puzzles!

A bit less awesome to see that it isn’t working correctly at the moment :rofl: What you are encountering here is a bug that I’m trying to fix. The fifth space is part of another word and doesn’t actually cross with the one from your prompt. You can still solve it by entering the character from the other prompt, but it’s definitely confusing!

So far it’s been difficult for me to replicate it due to it being randomly generated all the time, but I’m hoping to have it fixed today, sorry about that :sweat_smile:


Time to start representing each crossword puzzle as a unique URL containing all the puzzle information. Good for debugging, but would also allow people to share puzzles!


No worries! I really like the crossword puzzles on MM. I was recently reading about the 50% principle (or something to that effect) where you spend 50% of your time on active studying and the other 50% on having fun with the topic and the crossword puzzles are perfect for the latter. It’s like KameSame but more fun, haha. Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into MM!

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Thanks to everyone who responded and tried to help!

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The ぶ ending threw me, too.

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That’s actually a pretty neat idea! Not sure if it’s doable without having a server register the hashes and it’s content though haha, currently it’s all browser-based.


You would have to be careful about not putting the answers in the URL as well. But you could probably use some sort of reversible hash function to deal with that. It seems like the length limit for URLs is about 2000 characters, so that looks doable.

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The best I’ve got is 旨昆布(うまこんぶ). It’s obviously wrong, but it works.

Alternatives include 馬昆布(うまこんぶ), and 味子の部(あじこのぶ)

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