Could someone help with this line? (Audio)

I’m a little hard of hearing sometimes when it comes to japanese, can anyone tell me what’s being said here in this line? All I get is the Mou at the beginning. For context the character has just been disturbed by a random guy throwing construction girders around, so she jumps up to go knock him out. (It’s anime :P)

At first I heard, 「もう、じがじが!」

After searching several permutations of this on Weblio, this came up as a suggested phrase: 邪魔だ。気が散るよ.

Which leads me to think she might be saying, 「もう、気が散だ。」(もう、きがちだ。) Like, “Enough with the distractions,” maybe?

That’s all I got.

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Yeah that would make sense, thanks very much for the quick look at it.

@Caracal @Xirix

「もう… 気が散る!」

From jisho:
もう - interjection used to strengthen expression of an emotion (often exasperation)​
気が散る - (expression) to get distracted; to jump off the track​

(You can see her lips form “る” on the end)

Although 気が散る is technically a verb, it’s also an expression meaning “distracted”.

So… she’s saying, “Grr… I’m distracted!” or “Grr… Distracting!”.

It’s a pretty terse way of saying it, so I kind of feel like there’s some wiggle room for interpretation, in the same way 「煩い!」 literally just means “noisy!”, but is meant like “shut up!”

Side note, a google image search found this.

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pumps fist in air

Yay, I pretty much got it! Though without that suggestion from Weblio, I probably wouldn’t have–the background noises were causing serious interference.

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