I guess I need help with understanding this sentence

I know the words but もの being used a lot is tripping me out. I guess I need sentence breakdown rather than a translation.



My understanding of もの is that it makes the preceding action into a noun. I’m very new myself so this will be a guess from my side but something like

“The grasping of the being of ingredients in the food and the ingredients being mixed with the food, and so on”

Haha, really bad. I hope someone comes to correct.

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For real thank you tho Sir.

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“Things (food items) that have rice with (other) ingredients inside”

“Rolled things made up of rice and other ingredients mixed together.”

This is a bit hard 'cause the relative clause is a bit ambiguous, but I think it’s

So the whole thing might be something like “Rice balls with stuff inside of them, and rice balls with stuff mixed into them, things like that.”

Since it ends with とか it’s more of a sentence fragment than a full sentence. 握る in this context is probably referring to rolling up the rice (as in おにぎり), hence “rice balls.” So it’s presenting a) rice balls where it’s all rice on the outside and there’s some other food in the middle and b) rice balls where the ingredients are mixed into the rice before rolling it up. That’s how I’m parsing it at least. I must admit food language is a bit hard to understand in Japanese sometimes.


Thank you sir…If put into Goolge translate(I mostly use it for Vocab only) It sure is confusing. I forgot to the context of the sentence is me and a Japanese person chatting about Onigiri flavors

That’s why I typically avoid using Google Translate for… well anything unless I need a guess at something in Korean or some other language I have 0 knowledge of. xD The result I got from Google Translate is “Some rice has ingredients and some has a mixture of rice and ingredients.” which… isn’t too terrible for google translate but definitely not very clear. It’s always hard to go off of a google translate result alone.

Also the context definitely helps a lot, if you ever need to ask again try to remember to include it 'cause it can be really important, especially in Japanese. Thanks for sharing, that makes me feel a bit more confident in my interpretation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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