Correct use of 同時に (どうじ)

I’ve been having trouble with this one.

I get it’s more “at the same time” in the “simultaneously” sense of the term.

But does it also mean "at the same time"t in the “at the same hour” sense?

Is correct to say: 明日も 今日の 同時に会いましょう。

Let’s meet again tomorrow, same time as today.

Otherwise, how would you say that?


I’ve never seen it used that way. 同時に means “simultaneously; while” rather than “at the same time” in the clock sense.


同時 more so carries the simultaneous meaning as you mentioned, for talking about same time (of day) I would go with 同じ時間

明日も今日と同じ時間に会いましょう !


That does sound much better indeed. Thanks!

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