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I have a Japanese oral exam soon where a Partner and I have to have a conversation. I was just wondering if you look through this exchange and help me correct the grammatical errors. We haven’t been learning Kanji hence the use of Hiragana, but I’ve included the intended English translation for clarity. Thanks in advance!

  • どようび は どこ に いきますか

    • Where will you go on Saturday?
  • ひるごはん は なん じ ですか

    • What time do you have lunch?
  • きょう としょかん に いきますか

    • Will you go to the library today?
  • にちようび は どこ に いきますか

    • Where will you go on Sunday?

      • にちようび は ともだち と バーミンガム の としょかん いきます
      • On Sunday I will go to the Library in Birmingham with a friend.
  • あした いつ だいがく に いきますか

    • What time will you go to the University today?
      • ごぜん くじ から ごご ごじ まで です
      • I will go from 9am to 5pm

あした is tomorrow.

I‘m by no means an expert, my grammar is pretty bad…
If I remember correctly, on Sunday should be にちようびに. I think this is true for all on days of the week sentences above.

I wouldn‘t use いつ in the second to last sentence (What time…). I would use なんじに…
Good luck with your exam!

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I believe は is fine here (Using に isn’t wrong), as にちようび is being treated as the topic.

your sentences are all ok as is. i made them sound better by doing some minimal-invasive suggestions. you can use yours without problem.

the only mistake was あした for today, i fixed it to きょう - if you want to say あした, then it would be “tomorrow”. you also cannot omit a に - but が and を are fine.

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