Answer Checker Update

This update is just meant to be for the script authors.

We have a couple of updates coming to help clarify the confusion that some users have when they answer an item with a meaning that is on the block list and that meaning is one of the users user-defined synonyms. I have the first part ready to go, it is just an extra warning that will show up like so:

That message will change when the other updates arrive.

However the reason for letting you know is because I made some minor internal changes to the answer checker and last time I did that if broke @rfindley’s double check script. I have put a version on for you to check out. I wanted to give you a heads up before it goes live, and thought I would let you know before the weekend incase you had time over the weekend to look at this (I know some of you are busy during the week). I intend to push this to production 10:00 BST Monday morning.

@Kumirei just fyi in case this breaks anything of yours too.


Much appreciated! Although I don’t think any of my scripts rely on the answer checker


Yeah I didn’t think so, but no harm in checking.

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Thanks for the heads-up! I have a few other updates to make in Double-Check this weekend, so it’s especially good timing :grin:


Let me know if you have any questions and I will check in from time to time over the weekend.


I tested Double-Check against ‘preview’ today, and works fine with some injected sample data. Thanks again for the heads-up!