Core 10k Deck without WaniKani stuff

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I’m really sorry if this has been answered already, but I couln’t find a topic on that so far. The thing is, I want to additionally learn the Core 10k vocab, but without learning all the items that are already on WaniKani. I found the Core 10k WaniKani breakdown, but I didn’t find a way to sort out all the vocab that’s on WaniKani. Does anyone have an idea?

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Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

You could use the Spreadsheet, but you can also use this version of the deck which already has all WK vocab tagged This thread and then just suspend all of them.


If your issue is removing the overlap in the Core 10k WaniKani breakdown just go into the card browser and search for “tag:WK”. From there you can select all and suppress them.

I made a video on using the Suspend Tool that may assist you if you have further questions.

[Anki: Using the Suspend Tool]

Good luck in your studies!


I wouldn’t have minded reviewing the WK stuff I’ve learned already, but this’ll be more efficient. Thanks for letting us know of the option!!

I simply split them into a seperate deck and only do E->J with them.


Oh, that is even better! Thanks for letting us know! Helpful video btw

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