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Hi, recently posted a question. I received a number of replies ,Thankyou to everyone whoe did respond. I believe that if someone respects me enough to reply, that I owe it to them to give a response. Well, I tryed to do that, I tried to reply to each person who took time to reply to me. BUT after repying to only three people , I received a msg from Wanikani saying I was limited to 3 replies. That just sucks. If 10 people take there time to reply to me, Wanikani is saying I can only reply to 3 of them. I guess I respect people more than Wanikani does.

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Generally speaking, it’s considered good netiquette to combine multiple messages into one post.


I might be misunderstanding something, but I’m not aware of any limitations on replies.

If you’re saying that you wished to make ten separate posts in a row to individually respond to each person, then it’s quite disruptive to the thread when you can address each individual in one post. (Like what Leebo said).

I have seen notices on Discourse when the system senses that a single individual might be monopolizing the conversation on a given thread. But one is still able make posts despite seeing that notice. I’m wondering if this is what you’re referring to :thinking:


It’s just a suggestion, you can ignore it :wink:

You’ll get it for replying to the same person over and over (“try talking to someone else too”)
And if you have a big percent of the comments in a thread (“Give others time to participate too”)

Warnings are from memory, but round there somewhere. You can remove the warning, there’s an X on it.
And it is merely a suggestion, not a real limit =)


I should add that I’m Autistic, so I’m often ‘wrong’. I’m used to it ( happens every day of my life, I’m 57)
Sorry if I ofended anyone.
I still think That if a person gives me a reply, then I should be able to give that person,a personal, reply, I just think it rude if I cant reply to them . Look at it the other way, If I replied to a person and they did not reply to me , then I would think it rude of them not to reply to me. I guess My brain/personal moral/conduct values are different. I’m happy with my values. If a person repies to me, then I believe I should replie back to them individually. Its called respect. Any ‘system’ that does not allow me to replie to each and every person whos takes there time to replie to me , then that ‘system’ is lacking in moral value.

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They don’t mean to say you are unable or disallowed to respond to everyone. ^-^ And you also don’t have to make one, general response to all people. They’re saying that it’s good forum etiquette for you to consolidate all your individual responses into one post, rather than 10 individual replies back to back.

The easiest way to do this (on PC at least, since I know the button gets covered up for me on phone):

If you highlight text in someone’s reply, you can hit the “quote” button that pops up.


This way you can quote the part of the other’s reply that you wish you reply to most directly. You can quote as many people as you want in one reply, so you can make your post thanking everyone as long as it needs to be.

The “warning” from Discouse is a suggestion that indeed can be x’d away and ignored. Discourse (WK forum is a forum from the service Discourse, so they don’t have control over all it does) doesn’t know if you’re having a flame war or if you’re being very nice and polite, so it gives warnings with certain posting behaviours.

Let me know if anything is unclear. There are numerous fellow autistic people here (myself included) and I can get overly specific on how to do it if you need the assistance.


Or you can mention the individual members you wish to address (type @ followed directly by their username), and then you get a nice, clear, concise way to say what you wish to say. (Like this user did, for example - disregard context, it’s just an example.)


You can do that if you want. You just are recommended to do it all in one post, with 10 separate quotes, rather than as 10 separate posts.

If you’re stuck on the “respect” thing, think of it as respecting all the other members of the forums, for whom the board is easier to read when you consolidate your consecutive messages.


By way of making you feel a little better about this: anyone who engages in conversations here will get periodic system warnings. So long as you know you are behaving properly, the best thing to do is to treat them as a joke.
Frequently, people will post a screen shot of their alarming warning:
This warning is from a topic that I created, to have a conversation about a specific topic with other users. Of course I posted more than “28%” of the replies – I was trying to politely reply to everyone!


We can safely ignore Discourse’s pesky warnings.

This one actually can’t be ignored like the other ones, it’s a new hard limit that was introduced recently


I didn’t know that yet. Thanks ^^


Discourse has finally graduated from pesky to petulant :rofl:


This has been bothering me in the countdown thread for the last two weeks


Oh hey you have a new profil pic, Looks clean!

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