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i’ve read the guides and done the radicals review a couples of times already when the waiting time was up. i’m still kind of confused as to when i progress to the next step every time i complete the radical review it says wait i come back do it again say’s wait again. i don’t really know if i’m making any progress the radical progression bar is still blank and i’ve been doing the same radical review over and over. also the lesson hasn’t shown anything new other than the radicals that were shown when i started but there gone cause i finished that.

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Here it is:


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The radical progression bar fills only when you get radicals to “Guru” stage, so it will take a few reviews of the same material before you can see any progress on the progress bar.

Guru’ing a radical will also unlock the kanji made up using that radical, meaning you will also get new lessons at that stage.


Just to avoid potential confusion, the level 1 and level 2 progression has a different (faster) timing.

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Honestly, I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t some sort of visual feedback. @viet, what are your thoughts on more visual cues for people to know where they’re at in the SRS?

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what would that even mean exactly? SRS is of course different for each item and the status is already displayed on the bottom of each item’s page. within reviews there’s userscripts that can make the current SRS status visible and other than that i think point of the whole system is to “forget” the items for a while anyway and not really bother about what status they have. you either remember them, or not.

sometimes it’s better to trust the system and just do the work (lessons+reviews) instead of ever more controls, stats and cues (well, in my opinion ^.^).

SRS overview @ WK guide (which is quite out of date as i have been informed below ^.^):

The script Dashboard Progress Plus already does this quite nicely. I’m not sure it’s worth their time adding it as a feature when there’s already a stable and widely adopted script that does it.


This image is wrong

i wouldn’t even know; could well be. since it’s from WK’s own guide i guess it has become out-of-date at some point? doesn’t really matter, though.

Yeah I think it’s been out of date for almost two years. The correct times are the ones in my table which was posted above

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The question asked is not uncommon and so reflects on a UX that leaves something to desire.

@Krispy, the idea that a script does the job is never an excuse to not add features to a core product if they would help. Users shouldn’t have to rely on scripts to find information that is commonly requested.


It’s even more important for new users who aren’t used to userscripts yet.


well … technically is not a userscript :stuck_out_tongue: and just about provides every statistic one could ask for

Fundamentally, I agree with what you’re saying, and I can’t speak for the WK team so this is just my personal experience/opinion, but it seems to me that they’re aiming to keep WK to a clean, uncluttered minimum that would suit all users. Scripts offer a different UX, but I imagine not everyone likes the scripts, and so I imagine that might factor into their decision as to whether or not they adopt it. You could make the same argument for any one of the 20 or so scripts I have installed, all of which I consider essential. But for users who don’t mind having less, they won’t miss the complications it brings.

I really recommend using the wanikani app. It helps me remember to get my reviews in each day.

Agreed, the question is what? If a lot of people are confused about a thing, do you change the thing, or spend more time explaining the thing? I think step 1 would be to pre-explain all this in some kind of walk-through tutorial when people first sign up instead of counting on people reading the FAQ. “Your first few weeks will be very slow and that’s normal because…”

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The only difference I see is 2 days vs 3 days though…

Oh that’s nice to know! I was feeling a little discouraged, it seemed like I suddenly got even dumber or something.

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