Never ending radical reviews

I bought premium yesterday and i did every 2 hours reviews but it doesn’t unlock new radical it is always same 26 that go around and around, it feels like i am not progressing at all with this site, Are you supposed to hit 100% for every radical?

It takes 4 reviews to get to unlock subsequent items for a radical.

They should really document this stuff somewhere.


Hello! Welcome to WaniKani. This is a very common question that has been already answered. Please:


see also the official FAQ:

wanikani is very slow at first but it’ll get busy soon enough, don’t worry ^.^


Ok i thought it was like a bug or something.

Ok so i waited two days and i have reached the point of reviewing only one radical per 2 hours, come on, when am i gonna get new radical this is starting to get boring really fast and not worth money at all.

I mean status and progression does not change for me. It still says 0 out of 26 even though i done all of them in two days. Like mine stats are frozen or something.

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Once you respond correctly to the radicals enough (I believe 4 times in a row) you will unlock the corresponding Kanji as others in the thread have explained. Trust me, you will have PLENTY to review once you get through level 1 and you start having material from other levels recur.

Luckily, there is no glitch with the stats. :blush:

You level up by getting radicals and, later, kanji to the Guru SRS level. Those stat bars track your progress towards the goal of getting radicals + kanji to Guru. When you start to Guru them, you’ll see it tick up. I believe the very first level doesn’t unlock anything new until all the radicals are at Guru - just a few more and you’ll have new stuff unlocked!

I currently also have nothing of level 15 Guru’d yet, so my stat bars also show zero-zero.

Now the wait times are a bit different in the first few levels, I believe, but this is the overall SRS system that the bulk of WK uses.


As you can see: if you do all reviews the moment you get them, it still takes a few days to level them up to Guru rank.

If you’re doing WK on PC, you can also install this user script. That way you’ll see your radical, etc slowly fill up as you go through Apprentice ranks.

Recently there was this topic and this topic that were talking about basically the same thing. You can also read through the responses there to get an idea of how the system works.

It makes sense, and if you stick with it to level three-four, you’ll never run into these frustrations again. Pretty much everyone here is paying for this product, if it’s just a nonsense scheme that has you waiting around most of the time, there’d be a riot. :slight_smile: The beginning is slow. Just the beginning.

** about 4 days to get to guru

@DeHaos it takes a few levels to ramp up, but once it does you’ll have plenty of reviews and lessons to do. It’s one of the reasons WaniKani suggests you wait till level 3 to buy probably.

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Yeah, don’t know why I said 2. :sweat_smile: One of those moments.

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The first few levels and their progress are free. I think you precipitated a little on the purchase.
At any rate, just keep at it. Soon enough you’ll have a lot on your plate.

You can complete level 1 in its entirety in 3 days, 20 hours. The same goes for level 2.

They are faster than most levels.

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