No progress whatsoever

So I need to finish review 4 times in order to get to first kanji…
I don’t see it anywhere on the page and FAQ is pretty vague on that but someone already told me that.

It’s painfully slow, I already remember all of these 26 radicals and I still have to wait for another review of characters that I can draw from memory already. Is there a way to speed this up?
I can understand if it is applied to the actual kanji but these first radicals are simple. It’s similar to looking at hiragana characters but way simpler and easy to remember.

I like the simplistic design but please, add somewhere an information that you need to finish X reviews or, new kanji unlocks in X or something of sorts.

Should my dashboard still be completely empty with “Level 1: Radicals progress” at 0% and all 26 of radicals at apprentice stage?

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The progress bar represents the percentage of items at guru status, so yeah. Normal.

There’s a new dashboard in the works that included many improvements and the information you’re hoping for. You can try it out at

You can also install some custom userscripts from our wonderful community for more dashboard information.


That looks cool! Very different from the script I am used to, and a lot of scrolling on mobile, but cool nonetheless!

You have no idea what’s coming your way. Do you remember those tsunami videos on YouTube where people were hanging around on the beach wondering what happened to the sea, while there was this white line on the horizon coming towards them?

That’s your current state. Enjoy it while it lasts!


I think the point of waiting is for you to recall it when you’re about to forget it. If you’re bored during the waiting time then you can start to learn some grammar.

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Or start running in the other direction, a freaking tsunami is coming.


That’s perfect.
Exactly what I needed.


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