Comprehensible Input

Hello shell igniters :turtle::fire:. I wanted to share a resource that I started using that I love almost as much as reading WaniKani level-up emails. It’s this website: Comprehensible Japanese.

This site has videos that teach Japanese using comprehensible input. The lessons are spoken slowly and clearly, with pictures and props and gestures, and in simple and short sentences. The teaching method is based on Dr. Stephen Krashen’s input hypothesis, which states that we can only acquire language when we receive comprehensible input (hence the name) in a low-anxiety environment.

I’ve been using it for around four months now, and I notice a VERY significant improvement in my ability to comprehend Japanese from using this site.

Around half of the videos on the site are free. For $5/mo, you get access to the rest of the videos, audio recordings, and an extensive reading app containing transcripts from the videos. If you want to use it for free, you can always filter the videos on the site to exclude members-only videos, or simply watch the videos on their YouTube channel, but I would recommend just paying for full access. Using this site for four months has been the best $20 I’ve ever spent on Japanese.

I recommend every user on WaniKani add this site to their daily study habit. The videos are short, affordable, and very effective.

Here’s one example video at the Complete Beginner level (the first of three levels).

(Yes, there is also a “What the dog doin?” video)


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