Comparing WaniKani and JalupNEXT's Kanji Kingdom

I have no idea if this would be helpful to anyone else, but since I started using JalupNEXT, I was curious about how the WaniKani Levels compared to the order that kanji are introduced in JalupNEXT.

I threw together this little web app:

Oh, cool. Mm, since this topic, how do you feel about this JalupNEXT thing? Is it any good? What’s it actually? WaniKani-like project?

I looked into it, and saw a write-up on Reddit. Can you tell us a little more?

From what I can tell, it has decks that you do a one-time purchase. There’s a kana deck, and a kanji deck, and also grammar? decks? And it is suggested to do both the kanji and “Jalup” deck at the same time. The sentences build on each other, going from very simple to more complex. Sounds kinda cool.

I did their tutorial for a few decks, but it is a bit confusing to me yet. But, I do think it looks promising.

Did you see my write-up perhaps? I made this thread a while back.

You’ve got the gist of it.

I’m getting a lot out of their grammar decks, and I had decided to go back and do their kanji deck (which only teaches English definitions and stroke order) since I’ve always regretted not learning stroke order.

My plan was to do that until like 1000 kanji or so, then switch back to WaniKani after I had clearly surpassed my current level on JalupNEXT. Thus I made this comparison tool to get a better idea of when it would intersect with my level…

…and the answer is that it won’t really. The WaniKani Levels/JalupNEXT kanji order don’t really match up much at all.

I’m not sure what I’ll do at this point.

It’s only WaniKani-like in the sense that it is also an SRS platform.

I did a write up on reddit about it here.

Both links are to the same reddit page, and that’s the one I read. You also made a thread here on WK?

I think I’ll try out the two starter decks, looks very cool and an interesting, effective approach! And heh, comparing the two sounds like something nerdy that I would do.

What does the “Explore” page do?

So… Why don’t you just use this:


Both free and work in the same order as Wanikani. Also, one of the iPhone apps for wanikani has stroke order practice built into it.

That Anki deck looks awesome.

Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve already done 340 on JalupNEXT. I have a very bad habit of starting things and not finishing them, and I’ve been really consistent with JalupNEXT, so I think I’ll stick with that.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Yeah, haven’t quite gotten the hang of the way the message board here works. I thought I had to apply to each person individually, thus my repeating myself.

I made the thread on reddit just sharing what JalupNEXT is. The one here on the WaniKani forum was just meant to be about my comparing tool.

It is a kind of reward mechanism? The map is blank at first, and as you earn points through doing reviews it lets you explore new prefectures, giving you a picture of something from the prefecture and a few lines of text about what is famous there.

Yeah, it’s great! I use it whenever I have nothing to do, helps reinforce the kanji from Wanikani. The bad thing about JalupNEXT’s method is that you don’t learn readings and common vocab with the kanji… :worried: