WaniKani and Jalup Levels

I think Jalup.com grammar decks have beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert

At which WK level would you start each of those grammar decks?

I know the standard advice is to wait until lvl 20 before starting beginner. What about the other ones?

The standard advice is that WK level should have no impact on when you start grammar. The sooner the better.


I think I looked at jalup a while ago, I guess the grammar decks are completely in Japanese as well? In that case looking at the grammar without being able to read everything would be pretty useless.

I would check how the “Kanji Kingdom” corresponds to these decks, and then see how those kanji are covered in WK.

Start nowwwwww


Wanikani is not a prerequisite to studying grammar.


Jalup brings you up to speed from 0, so kanji knowledge is no requirement.
It would also be difficult to match WK knowledge to those decks, since stuff aren’t taught in the same order, but from experience, I would say very roughly:
0 -> beginner deck (you need nothing)
10~20 -> intermediate deck (assuming you have balanced your practice of vocab and grammar with your kanji knowledge)
30~40 -> advanced
50~60 -> expert

Again, those are very rough, considering both systems were NOT designed with compatibility in mind…

But anyway, I would say you can safely start with the beginner deck, if you just started Japanese.

I started Jalup beginner before starting with Wanikani. I have to say, I have stopped using Jalup Beginner for now.
The Jalup Beginner decks are japanese - English, while every deck above beginner is japanese - japanese. So if you want to use intermediate you need your kanji and vocab knowledge.

I stopped for now, because Jalup beginner teaches and uses kanji in a different order, then wanikani. I had problems remembering the kanjis meaning and reading from jalup beginners. I have a way easier time learning the kanjis here and remembering the readings, too. I don’t know why I’m not able to keep the stuff from jalup in my mind, but I prefer Wanikani to learn the kanji. So I will wait a bit till I know more Kanjis, before going back to Jalup beginner.

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