WaniKani LevelUP drill (AKA Kanji practice) on Anki

I also gonna level up tomorrow, and I am so 恐縮, because I need to do a lot of drilling every time I level up. In the past, I used this one: [Userscript] Self-Study - Quiz Edition (NEW: Listening Quiz), but now I develop my own, in order to cope with WKnai (which I made 17 levels of 40 Kanji each #105).

This one is the variant of both [Version 1.05 | 2016-01-31] Anki deck for kanji writing practice and Neese. It is Anki-powered, and all Kanji in WaniKani are pre-exported, so you don’t need to touch https://wanikanitoanki.com/export.

To drill a level, create a filtered deck with settings of:-

deck:“WaniKani LevelUP drill” level:“38” card:“Meaning”
deck:“WaniKani LevelUP drill” level:“38” card:“Reading”
deck:“WaniKani LevelUP drill” level:“38” card:“Writing”
(But, honestly, handwriting isn’t very suitable for drilling. I just included it for the sake of completion.)

Custom steps might be:-
1 1 1 1
1 10
1 240

This is what it looks like:-



And, if you are interested in handwriting:-


As of now, I don’t know JavaScript enough to manipulate text-box to emphasize On or Kun reading alone. I might update that in the future, if I happened to learn how to.


Thank you sooo much for the hard work!! Exactly what I searched for!!! :slight_smile: