WK writing practice by level (Anki deck?)


I really want to learn how to WRITE theKanji as well simultaneously to learning them with Wanikani. How do you guys do it? Is there a nice deck on some vocab app maybe? Even without a feature for inputting the Kanji would be fine, so basically just meaning and readings on the front and then Kanji on the back + the Wanikani mnemonic.
I’ve been searching for a while but I’ve only found one Anki deck that is made very nicely but everything is compiled into one single deck - no subdecks in order of the WK levels

If nothing exists like I am looking for I will make one myself of course but wanted to ask first. Can’t really believe that nobody would have made one before.

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I can’t remember how customisable it is, but there’s an SRS for writing kanji, albeit not the in the WK order


One of the options for the order in Ringotan is Wanikani; you select your lesson plan when first setting up the app and Wanikani is one of the available options. Now, I don’t think it’s keeping up to date with content additions and movements, but it should overall be the order you learn on Wanikani.


omg thank you two so much! This is exactly what I was looking for!


You can use the “Kanji Study” app on Android.
You can import a file with all Kanjis used on Wani Kani grouped by level.