Colour blindness

Hi all. Very very new here so this may well have been discussed ad nauseam before this message. I am thus far engrossed in the Wanikani approach and method and it seems to be assisting. That said I have one of many queries; namely, part of the learning is colour background based so that the colour of the screen behind the ‘thing’ assists (in small part) in helping to learn. However that colour background does not reflect the reality of a newspaper or book or shop sign. My question is - does the colour background help or hinder down the track?

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In “real world” text you can assume that everything is purple.


Welcome to wanikani, @Wodge! :partying_face:

What @acm2010 is getting at is that everything you see out in the real Japanese world will be vocabulary aka the purple ones - unless you’re in a very specific context like a Japanese lesson or calligraphy class or something, you will ALWAYS come across vocabulary words.

The use of radicals and individual kanji in the WK process has some overlap with how the language is taught elsewhere, but some of it is unique to here - the radicals and kanji are ultimately just stepping stones towards getting you able to read/speak/write/listen to (delete as appropriate :slight_smile:) real Japanese, full of kanji-based vocabulary.

And in answer to your question - I haven’t found any problem with the difference in colour between the lessons and then coming across the words in real life contexts :grin:

Have a great time learning kanji + Japanese! :dizzy:


The color hasn’t been an issue for me. But what has really helped me recognize more kanji on shop signs and different things is the script that changes the font during reviews.


Thanks. A helpful and informative response.

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Vozreni. Thanks. I lik the idea of the font/script randomizer but I am a technical luddite - the instructions on your link are a bit overpowering - anything easier or is there a simpler explanation as to how to download it.

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Thanks. An abbreviated but with the benefit of the next comment a helpful response


There’s a post for that!

Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

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