Clicking "cancel" when editing note deletes existing note

I’ve had this happen a few times over at least a couple months now, but I can’t get it to reproduce consistently. Basically, when doing reviews, if I get a review wrong I will look at my notes. Sometimes I go to edit the note (it already has saved text), and then change my mind. When I click “cancel”, it sometimes deletes my existing note, instead of just canceling my changes and reverting it to the existing note.

Has anyone else seen this?

I have not, but I don’t make that many notes.

We’ll take a look into this.

Just to reiterate, the deletion is intermittent? And you aren’t running any scripts which are touching notes?

Yes!!! This happened to me the other day, however thankfully the note I had was so short, I was able to type it back in and save it without much effort.

Still very unexpected behaviour that surprised and somewhat annoyed me at the time.

EDIT: Viet, in my case I believe I’ve only hit cancel this one time. I have no scripts that deal with notes at all.

@viet It’s intermittent in that I tried to intentionally reproduce it but couldn’t. Yet it has happened a handful of times over a period of months. There may be a set of steps that always reproduces the bug, but I couldn’t find one. As for scripts, I don’t have any that interact with notes.

This happened to me once or twice last year (I don’t make my own notes often), though my memory of it is hazy. I remember the feeling of annoyance, though. :wink: I don’t have any scripts that do anything to notes.

Alright, we found the problem and have a fix going out later today. The good news is it wasn’t deleting any notes. The bad news (expected news?) is that it was displaying the default text when the cancel button got pressed. We made it show the original note, like one would expect.

Thanks for pointing this out! The Crabigator’s robot minions are happy with your attention.


Thanks for that!
(My, that is unexpected behaviour…)

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