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This is my first real post so please be gentle…
If I have an exisiting note that I want to add to, I click on the note and immediately my exisiting note dissapears. If I click cancel it does not effect my original note but If I choose to type something new, my old note is replaced by the new information.

So - am I missing something? Is it possible to add to existing notes?
Thanks in advance!

Hmm, I don’t seem to have that problem. My notes always stay in place when I click on them. I can’t help you with troubleshooting your problem, but to work around it, maybe first highlight your note with your cursor, copy the text, and then open the editing box? That way, if it disappears when you go to edit, you can just paste the copied text back in the box so that you haven’t lost anything.

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Thanks - I tend to do this when I remember but when something just pops into my head and I think ‘Ooo I’ll add that to my notes’ is when I tend to just click it open first and it overwrites my exisiting note.
Maybe I just need to pay more attention! Thanks for you reply though.

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I wish I could’ve been more help, sorry! :heart:

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This doesn’t happen to me, I can just add to the end of a note. Are you using some user scripts or browser extensions? What browser are you using?

THANK YOU! It is a browser issue. I’ve been on my ancient work computer which only runs internet explorer, this seems to be the problem.
When I tried it on safari at home it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I must of only noticed it because I’m at the Board of Education at the moment, so I’m powering through more lessons than my normal routine.
Thanks for the helpful suggestion!

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