Reading Notes box problem

Anyone else notice an annoying change?

I tend to type pretty long, multi-lined notes, especially for verbs. When I used to type in the box, it would get bigger as I hit return so that I could see the whole note at once as I was typing.

A few weeks ago it changed so that it scrolls in this really awkward way so that I very quickly can’t see what I just typed. There’s not scroll arrows and the mouse won’t scroll through it either, the only way to go back up is to hit the arrow key on the keyboard. Then when I hit save, I can see the whole thing at once.

Yes this is kind of minor, but also annoying and strange.

I’m using Chrome on a Mac by the way, in case that matters


It is best to notify the staff. @Mods

Thanks. I’ll email it. Was excited to have something to post in the Bugs & Errors forum though! What is this forum even for then?

Was also curious if this was something others were experiencing.

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FYI. I emailed them and a programmer fixed the bug. The system works :partying_face: