Tab Order Fix Needed

Tab Order

When writing your own notes, the tab order is sometimes

The expected order on most boxes is Submit first. I’ve lost some paragraphs to this so far, but this last time was the last straw :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where you encounter this? I’ve just had a look and whether it is in reviews, lessons or on the item’s page, I’m always seeing Save first then Cancel when I try to add notes.

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The above screenshots are from Reviews, after clicking on the note box to edit, I pressed tab twice and sure enough the first tab selected cancel even though save is first left-right, and the second tab selected save.

I tried this on lessons and the item page and it worked properly (tab 1 → save, tab 2-> cancel) so the problem seems to be only in editing notes during reviews.

Maybe @hx9 can confirm. Now that its posted, I remember this happening to me as well.

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Why only sometimes?

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Ok thanks for the extra details, I can see it now. I’ll pass this on to the engineers, we’ll let you know what they say.

Just a quick update to let you know that we have assessed the issue and we will publish the fix a little later along with a couple of other fixes that need to be looked at. We’ll let you know once that’s done. Thanks again for the feedback.


Thank you! Appreciate it greatly!

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