Changing password on WaniKani does not invalidate forum session

I changed my WaniKani password on another computer, while I was logged into the service on this machine. Now, I notice that, although my session has been invalidated on this computer (as I expected it to happen), the forum session has not been invalidated, and I can post normally, even though I have not logged in with the new credentials yet.


That would be an issue with the Discourse side, でしょう ?

I found this topic from a few years ago where someone mentioned that error:

And then something about fixing it here…

…but considering you’re still having the issue… :thinking:

That’s all I’ve got :durtle_the_explorer:

Well, you do not change the password via discourse, but by using the WK interface. So perhaps this patch has no effect in this situation :thinking:

I don’t even think you can change the password using discourse

Ooo gotcha, yeah I don’t think you can, then it’s probably an issue between WK → Discourse

Yeah, I think it is our end that would be responsible to invalidate the forum session. The boards are on a SSO with your WK login. I’ll look into this.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone is interested…


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