Changing Anki font sizes

Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the font size for only specific Anki decks?  When I change the font size on the card template, the changes affect all of my decks.  For example, for decks that go from Japanese to English, I’m trying to increase the front font and decrease the back… and vice versa for English to Japanese decks.


The deck needs to be in it’s own options group. To do this , select the deck then at the bottom click on the ‘options’ button. At the top of this window there’s a drop-down and a button, click on the button and then click ‘Add’, enter a new group name for your deck. Make sure the new name is showing in the ‘Options group’ drop-down window. Close the options window. Now you can change the font-size or whatever you want and it will be unique to that deck.

Thanks for the answer.

For some reason though, any edits that I make affect all of my decks… even though each deck has a different options group name.  I’ve gotta be doing something wrong I guess…

Try changing the name of the ‘card’ by clicking the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the ‘Card Types for’ deck window.

Just edit your cards with html/css.