Changing Anki Card Type for reviews


Hey guys,

I use Anki for vocab (Ankidroid), but I’m very much a noob when it comes to altering any of the settings. I’ve just downloaded a deck which has all the info I want, however when I review the items it only show’s kanji and then english and kana in the answer.

When i go into edit mode on a note, I can see that there are 3 card types (or templates), including one for kana to english which is exactly what I want.

Can someone explain how I can set all the cards to use this card type when reviewing?



I am not sure how to exactly use it, but I edited the deck on desktop application.

Search box:

card:“Word Recognition”

And then, Change deck.

Another way is to create filtered deck; in the same way.

Search box:

card:“Word Recognition”

I mean, I experimented a lot with Anki until it works for me.

I review mainly on AnkiDroid too; and often use a stylus.


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