Anki Font Randomizer Script

I thought that people might want different fonts while studying in Anki, so I thought this might be a good place to share this. I also added some comments explaining where you can change some things around to fit your personal preferences.

I couldn’t get some fonts to work such as FC-Flower. It seems that fonts with either spaces or “-” between words don’t work. Anyone with much stronger coding skills than me in javascript please go ahead and edit the code to touch it up, or do whatever you want with it and feel free to share it with the rest of us. Keep in mind that slightly altered this script, all credit goes to the original writer which I give credit to in the pastebin.


Script: Anki Font Randomizer -

Detailed instructions

sorry for the horrible picture quailty

Step 1: Click on browse on the home page on your Anki app.


Step 2: Find the deck that you want to add the random font to, then click on the “Cards” category. Make sure you know what field goes on the front. The field that goes on front for me is what I highlighted in purple.


Step 3: Type in your front field into the spot that says {{FrontCard}}. I highlighted it purple in the picture to show where I put my front field.

Step 4?: I also added some extra code in there to make a hint field that shows the card in regular font. If you want to add this follow the instructions in the code.

This is what it looks like all together for me: