Certain Radicals do not display in Reviews, Wanikani's "Blue Screen of Demotion"

I’ve experienced an issue where certain Radicals just simply do not display. It is always the same Radicals, I’ve noticed, and it was an issue about a year ago and suddenly it’s reared it’s ugly head again.

Level 1: Gun, Leaf, Stick
Level 3: Hat, Triceratops (Hat is by far the biggest offender)
Level 4: Beggar, Horns, Spikes
Level 5: Kick, Viking, Water Slide
Level 8: Cloak, Hills

As a note, this happens to me on multiple laptops and browsers too (iexplorer and chrome). Tasuketekure!


happens to me sometimes too, though they eventually appear. I think those radicals might actually be image files, not simple text. (or at least they’re different in some way)


I’ve never experienced this. As @davikani said, they are indeed images (svg), but I don’t know why they don’t load. Perhaps @viet can help you with that.

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Check your javascript console for errors. (Press F12 and click on the console tab). It’s usually due to a browser plugin, like an ad blocker.

along with what others are saying - often clearing your browser cache does the trick


Did you put something filthy in our caches?


Ill have to check, I know mobile devices always have trouble with java but my laptops should be better able to narrow down the cause. I just thought it was strange that it was always the same characters.

Side note: Apparently when you fail to review an item multiple times you get multiple demotions (LOL) Horns is now at Apprentice 1. Fake it till you make it!

Yeah, those particular characters are made-up radicals, so they don’t exist in the font, and are loaded in a different way than the rest.

An yeah… each pair of wrong answers on an item will set you back one SRS level if it’s apprentice, or two SRS levels if it was Guru or above. (So 3 or 4 wrong answers on a guru or above will set you back 4 SRS levels)

That explains a lot, I kind of figured that WaniKani would add more radicals to help move the mnemonics along.

In the end I found a workaround. When they don’t display on reviews (using Internet Exploder) I right click (where the radical would be), “Inspect element”, and it will essentially tell me in the HTML the name of the radical that would have been displayed. Chrome has another means of doing this, but it’s pretty similar.

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