This radical doesn't show up for some reason

Working Now

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I’m also getting missing radicals for level 9.

Was just gonna shitpost about this as it just happened to me too :P.

I have just reached level 4 and got a subscription and have just started my new lessons in level 4 and reached the horns and spikes radicals. unfortunatly it would seem that the images for these radicals appear to be broken and wont display. is this a common occurence and is there a way to fix it?

They just implemented some kind of change to fonts today, and it seems to have broken something, so I assume they’re working on fixing it.


The images should be fixed now. Can you confirm? You may have to reload the page.

In the review I had today, the zombie radical did not load properly. There was only a square where the image should have been. Has anyone else had a problem with kanji/radicals not loading into reviews properly? Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.

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Cleat radical looks that way for me now, though not during my review earlier.

@JenK can someone take a look? Sorry if you are the wrong person to @


Just noticed I’m using preview. Forgot I was using it. Cleat looks like the below on preview, but normal on the main site.

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I don’t think its common, this is the first time I’ve seen it happen although I am just level 5

Just want to highlight my reply since it got kinda hidden with the topic mergings.


I think its showing up now although with the old font so…

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Thats the radicals that i mentioned earlier showing up now. Thank you!

Hmm. We should have cache busting, but looks like this isn’t the case for radical images.

If you clear the cache for WaniKani you should then be able to load the new radical images. Easiest way to clear the cache is to do a force refresh.


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