Radicals showing up as boxes

So over the course of the last two months or so, more and more of the radicals are disappearing and showing up as boxes. I can’t see them on the radicals pages or when they show up in reviews. I don’t think my flash or anything is out of date and it’s only some of the radicals. Why is this happening? How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Can you point to a specific radical that this happens with?

I can say for a fact that Flash has nothing to do with it.


have you tried a different browser yet just to sanity check? i had some of the radicals showing up weirdly. examples one that breaks for me is guard. (fwiw it renders fine in FF)


I figure it wasn’t Flash but it was the only thing I could think of that might have something to do with it hahaha. I’ll see if I can get a screenshot for you.

are you using Windows 10 by chance? there is a font-pack that you might need to install.

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It looks like the “fake” radicals that don’t have a font representation aren’t appearing. Those are actually images.

Which browser do you use? Do you use any extensions? Maybe something is blocking those images.


Can you open the dev tools for your browser? In Firefox and Chrome it’s the F11 key. You might see some red text in the console that could describe the reason the images aren’t loading.

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Or Linux? You might need to install some Japanese fonts depending on your distro

Missed that bit, my bad

*slinks away

Except the ones that aren’t displaying are the ones that are represented by images rather than text because they’re not Unicode characters. This is an image problem, not a font problem.

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This was it! Thank you. Late reply sorry, but I was using an extension that was for some reason blocking the images in the radicals. Thanks everyone!


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