Wrap up seems to be broken


Hello, I tend to use Wrap Up often as I like to do my reviews in small chunks. I was using it earlier today with no problem. I just tried using it a moment ago, both on my computer on Mozilla and on my Phone through Google Chrome, and it immediately kicks me back to the Reviews Summary screen after I answer one question, instead of going through 10 completed items, although it says “10”.

I apologize if this has already been reported but I didn’t see anything.


Edit: Oh, I don’t use any scripts or plugins, in case that matters.


Same thing just happened to me. I clicked wrap up after I had already completed about 30. I expected to complete another 10 but I just took me out straight away


Yup, me too just now.



Yeah, it happened on my review as well.


glad I checked here! I was thinking I was crazy


We are on it now.


and fixed!



Thanks for the quick fix!


That’s some nice CI you have going on there!