Can you skip levels?

I was showing my Japanese teacher wanikani. He’s actually an American living in Japan and is studying for N2 right now. He asked if there is a way to bypass the lower levels so he could work on what he doesn’t know? I said I’d ask here and see what you all said.

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Ok, Thank you.

But there are people on here who started WK even after achieving N1, and found it useful, still. And you’ll learn N1 kanji pretty early on, though there a lot fewer than N5 kanji. The vocab is a decent mix of higher level vocab, and simpler vocab as well.


I was coming here to write the same thing as Saidaさん

User Naphthalene had already passed N1 when they started, and they wrote a review of their experience: [Review] Making it to level 60 as an advanced Japanese learner


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