Looking for new user advice (intermediate Japanese level)

Hi everyone,

As someone who’s been studying Japanese for around three years, I’m trying to use wanikani as a way of bolstering up and solidifying my Kanji knowledge for the N1 test I’m planning to take in a year or so.

Is there any way to go faster through the early stages so I can get to the N2/N1 Kanji a bit quicker?

Thanks in advance.

Other than optimizing how quickly you go through the levels with things like userscripts, no there’s no way to go faster. And it wouldn’t be advisable if there was. WaniKani is designed to build upon what you’ve learned in the earlier levels. I’m in the middle of a review session, so I can’t give you direct links, but this section of the forums has the mentioned userscripts.

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Yeah I get that - though I’ve been learning Japanese pretty intensively for three years (and living here since September) so I’m already pretty solid on the radicals and maybe a thousand or so Kanji. Thanks for directing me to the scripts, I’ll check them out!

The thing is, the WaniKani radicals are not the same as dictionary radicals or even the same as you’d have learned on sites that use similar learning methods as WaniKani, like KanjiDamage. WK takes the idea of dictionary radicals and expands on it to create building blocks for constructing the kanji. These invented radicals are taught throughout the levels and are key to the mnemonics. As far as the kanji you already know go, you’re just going to have to look at it as brushing up on what you know. The website has absolutely no support for skipping forward.

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