How to skip levels instead of starting from the beginning

Im not a beginner and i don’t want to wait days just to start doing the kanji that’s on my level. Is there anyway to skip the kanji i already know?

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There is not


There isn’t. Wanikani is not designed to permit this.


One of the main features of WaniKani is the mnemonics written for all items. These mnemonics use names for kanji elements that are often unique to WaniKani, in an effort to make them memorable. You’d be skipping many of these unique mnemonic components by skipping ahead and so they currently have no plans to allow it.


I was at the same point when I started with WaniKani (have been learning Japanese for two years at university back then) and I am glad I did not skip ahead because I realized among the way of how much I don’t know.


Yeah it took me a few months but I finally got to a point where I’m learning new material. It’s worth it. Just fill the time up with something else while you wait for your level.


Level 60 post from the user who started WaniKani after passing N1:


To burn something only requires answering the question right 8 times and you’ll never see it again… so for each item that you know well, there shouldn’t be much time spent.


I get it, waiting is frustrating. Reviewing stuff you already know feels like a waste of time, but you also may think you know more than you do. I was also not a beginner when I started, but it was surprising how much I actually didn’t know. On-yomi readings of kanji I only knew the kunyomi for, or the other way around; kanji of words I knew, but had never read the kanji of before; unknown kanji combinations of kanji I knew-sometimes with unexpected readings or meanings. I raced through the first 20-25 levels because a lot was familiar, but there was still plenty in there that was new too. I just took the attitude that it was really good review and gave me more mental power to focus on the bits that I didn’t know.


Was this you?


No, they were far too clever to ever be me.

I’m still stuck at like 2.5 characters, 2.5 characters.


This cracked me up!

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Depending on your level, WK may surprise you. Another friend of mine speaks Japanese but doesn’t really read it (grew up in the USA, and his mother is Japanese); he thought Wanikani was sluggish at first, since he knew a lot of the basic intro kanji, but by level 10 or so he was crying about how many reviews he had.


You cant.

Try Kanji Garden. They have that feature.


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Welcome to Wanikani @ookeyan !


Please don’t mind us teasing you. I had similar thoughts when I first started, and for a few levels after that, but once I got past that I have found it invaluable. It starts slow but speeds up rapidly. I had previously lived in Japan and passed JLPT N1, but my kanji has never been better than it is now.

PS come and join one of the book/manga reading clubs while you still have some free time.

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